Petstages Hide & Seek Wobble Pond

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Petstages Wobble Pond is a cat scratcher designed with features that work to engage and entertain your cat through natural behaviors like hunting, swatting, batting and scratching! This cat scratch toy is also Catnip Blasted for even more excitement.

  • HERE FISHY, FISHY: Filled with catnip stuffed fish, the Hide and Seek Wobble Pond by Petstages helps entertain your cat through hunting and batting exercises.
  • WOBBLE BASE: Made to engage and maintain kitty’s interest, the Wobble Pond is made in a fishbowl shape that encourages batting and play.
  • SCRATCH & PLAY: Corrugate siding and catnip filled fish help satisfy your kitty’s scratching and hunting needs on appropriate scratch surfaces with fun fish toys that they can carry, bat and chew.