Bergan Stainless Steel Standard Bowl - 11 cup

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Bergan's Stainless Steel Standard Bowl provides a clean dining experience for your pet. Durable stainless steel looks great in any home and is easy for pet owners to keep clean. The wide opening and wide base make this bowl perfect for dry food, wet food, or water. It is strong and durable, perfect for daily use at home, work, or camping! Stainless steel is non-porous and bacteria resistant, which is ideal for the health of your pet and a clean meal space. This bowl is dishwasher safe or can be easily cleaned with soap and water. All Bergan stainless steel bowls reflect the true capacity, measured in cups.

Key Benefits

  • Wide opening and wide base make this the perfect food or water bow
  • Bowls are dishwasher safe
  • Available in five different sizes including 2 cups, 3 cups, 7 cups, 11 cups and 17 cups
  • Offers durability and a variety of designs
  • Rust free, odor-resistant and non-chewable